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  • NPL-Midwest Developmental League (Boys) 2016-2017 Club Teams
    2004 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 04
    2003 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 03
    2002 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 02
    2001 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 01
    2000 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 00
    98/99 Boys Michigan Wolves-Hawks SC 98/99
      Club Field Directions
    Jaycee Park Grass Jaycee Park Turf Legacy Center #1
    Schoolcraft Dome Schoolcraft Turf
      Club Contact Information
      Ed McCarthy ed.mccarthy@fcagroup.com 

     (C) 248-561-2846 
      Amy Richters wolveshawks@aol.com 
     (W) 248-514-2937   (C) 248-514-2937 
    Director of Coaching
      Bryan Thorp thorpbc@gmail.com 

    U13 Team Coach
      Granit Caushaj cgranit@gmail.com 

     (C) 248-210-9205 
    U13 Team Coach
      Andrea Demorow wolves03black@gmail.com 

     (C) 313-492-5896 
    U14 Team Coach
      Granit Caushaj cgranit@gmail.com 

     (C) 248-210-9205 
    U14 Team Manager
      Steve Panoff panoffsteve@gmail.com 

     (C) 248-346-1277 
    U15 Team Coach
      Dennis Darnoi ddarnoi@gmail.com 

     (C) 248-763-3655 
    U15 Team Manager
      Perri Zimmerman pzimmer1@comcast.net 

     (C) 734-678-8364 
    U16 Team Coach
      Matt Johnson soccermathius@gmail.com 

     (C) 734-787-9893 
    U16 Team Manager
      Harreld Harreld brha72@gmail.com 

     (C) 734-645-7839 
    U18 Team Coach
      Ed McCarthy ed.mccarthy@fcagroup.com 

     (C) 248-561-2846 
    U18 Team Manager
      Feng Reng renfeng@yahoo.com 

     (C) 734-658-3091 

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